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Our Inflatable Recreational Docks are versatile floating platforms that are designed to dock Jet Skis, Seabobs, Sups and Kayaks. They are also perfect for lounging around and creating more space for activities off of the swim platform. Each dock is designed and engineered to your exact specifications and includes your choice of an array of colors and logo options to match the branding of your yacht. All docks are available in modular formats depending on the size and configuration that best suits your needs.




Product Specifications:

  • Constructed using Firmatex drop-stitch with pressure rating up to 20psi (operational 8 – 13psi)
  • Lifting, attachment, and mooring anchors rated in excess of 1000kg breaking strength
  • Cut-outs custom designed to fit your brand of Jet-ski, Seabob, SUP or Kayak
  • Jet-ski and Seabob bays fitted with removable dacron net to support ski when moored
  • Seabob stations fitted with mooring D-rings and securing straps
  • Firmatex 18oz non-skid available in a variety of colors including Faux teak
  • Removable neoprene panels available for side walls as anti-chafing/anti-foul barriers
  • Choice of rope ladders or submersible stairs or both which are detachable for easy storage
  • Various attachment methods available for our modular docks including our latest stainless steel zipper system
  • Oversized 2 inch inflation valves available for quick inflation
  • Ballast water bags on underside of docks for stabilization (can be detachable)

What’s Included:

  • 2 x Sea weight bags with each submersible stair
  • 1 x 15psi Digital Pressure Gauge
  • 4 x 15m plus 2 x 10m dacron ropes for lashing
  • 2 x Bravo pumps with two extra pump fittings
  • 2 x Venturi Guns for air compressor inflation
  • 2 x Spare Inflation valves
  • 1 x inflation Valve Wrench/Spanner
  • 1 x Spare PRV
  • 1 x PRV Wrench/Spanner
  • 1 x Accessory Bag
  • 1 x Repair kit bag
  • 1 x 4 Strap Lifting Harness with stainless carabiners
  • 1 x Lifting bag/ Game Bag with custom logo
  • 1 x Owner’s manual

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5 Year Warranty – Industry First

With the advancement of our bespoke technology, and nearly two decades of research and development both in house and in the field, we are proud to offer the first five year warranty in the industry for all of our SEA products.