Founded in 2002, our vision was to bring the waterpark and theme park experience to beaches around the world. We saw a need for high end, high quality inflatables that would fill a void in the luxury market and that could compete with hard sided permanent attractions. This led us to develop the world’s largest inflatable water slide which eventually became the first ever attraction to be placed directly on a public beach in the US on a permanent basis. From there a whole new product line was born. Over the last two decades we have designed, engineered and built many world’s firsts and in 2016 set a Guinness World Records title for the “World’s Tallest Inflatable Water Slide”.

In 2008 we invented the first ever sealed – air inflatable water slide for yachts. This opened the door for us to create a new range of custom products which now includes inflatable toys, pools and docking systems. A new industry was born and a niche market was created because of our drive, our inspiration and our passion. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and we have certainly come to experience that. It has become somewhat of a hallmark for us and is partly what motivates us to continue to lead our industry through innovation, design and technology. We are now known worldwide for our bespoke inflatable technology.


Since 2002 an unwavering dedication to product innovation has helped FreeStyle Slides dominate the custom inflatable market. Today our company offers the most comprehensive line of bespoke inflatable products in the industry. “We are the only truly bespoke supplier of inflatable products in the world.” FreeStyle clients can choose from an array of custom color and logo options for their products, but what makes FreeStyle unique is the custom design work that goes into our products beyond colors and logos. Our FreeStyle Slides team works closely with each client, ensuring their inflatable fits their location or yacht like a glove. A FreeStyle product that is built-to-order is carefully designed to work with the exact specifications to suit your location. “Our clients like that we design their products to aesthetically coordinate with their surroundings, and what sets us apart from any other inflatable manufacturer in the world is our willingness to do just that and more.”


Beyond manufacturing inflatables for a perfect fit, FreeStyle can also turn the concept in your imagination into a reality. Our company’s philosophy has always been to create novel products and search for ideas that have never been done before. “If you can dream it, we can build it. We love working with creative clients who want to construct their own personalized brand of products!” The possibilities are endless for visionary clients that want one-of-a-kind designs.


In addition to creating new products, FreeStyle Slides continually strives to maximize the fun and safety of our inflatables while minimizing the workload involved by innovating our existing designs. “We want everyone to enjoy our products, not just the patrons but the employees who have to operate them.”The key is to help our clients ease the biggest pain points of owning and operating an inflatable: set up, takedown, weight and storage. FreeStyle Slides has the most comprehensive line of bespoke inflatables in the industry which includes an array of Land and Sea based products.