FreeStyle Slides® is making waves, but don’t just take our word for it! We are proud to share the testimonials from those owners and managers who have invested in a FreeStyle Slide® for their facilities!

Not only are our products generating revenue, and excitement for guests, but our customer service is also at the top of the list of qualities that our clients rave about!



"Everything I got from Freestyle was Excellent, the quality was good. I would recommend FreeStyle to anyone and I am looking at possible buying another slide."

 Cavon Steede - Fun Tyme

"If you don’t have one, you should get one"

Nashville Shores Water Park

"The Hippo is one of our most popular amenities - people just love it. We have had nothing but success with the slide this summer and I can’t wait to see how next year goes. For anyone looking for a money making, fun attraction, then the HIPPO is the ticket. We love our slide and people do to. We always have long lines to get on the ride.  It has made our summer. Within 3 months the slide has nearly paid for itself. Next year it will be pure profit. I don’t know of any other attraction that can pay for itself that quickly! We just love it! We definitely recommend the slide to everyone."

Lakewood Camping Resort

"The slide is going very well.  The kids are doing a great job with it and the people love it.  Our camping nights are up and people are telling us everyday how much they like our new amenities.  It’s also drawing allot of attention from the highway, just like I thought it would.  The best part is our camping nights are up and we are getting lots of new people."

Caboose Lake Campground 

"Business keeps getting better and better, Its fantastic,  we are very happy, repeat people - people are coming just for the hippo and we are getting a lot of repeat business because of the Hippo water slide."

 Dave & Kathy Truhn - Michigan State Park Campgrounds

“The Hippo slide is definitely the most feature rich an exciting water slide we had managed. Our customers’ safe enjoyment, in all six years we have operated it, is the best testimony of it. –The Ultimate Bounce Team-.” Alfonso Rojas "Well, what can I say – the TRIPPO is AWESOME!  Summer for Tekapo Springs has traditionally been a challenging time to attract people to ‘Hot Pools’. Being situated right by the Lake, holiday makers opt for boating and water skiing. The TRIPPO has made an amazing difference and offered an affordable and instant cool water option for us. TRIPPO is turning our traditionally slower summer period into a great one! We are flat out keeping up with the crowds. Compared to January 2013 – January 2014 revenue has jumped by 30%!! We are now tracking for one of the most successful summers in the 7 year history of the business. People of all ages love this attraction – it is simply good FUN! The key is people are staying longer and doing more activities and it is having a positive effect on our café as well! Thank you to Freestyle Slides for your commitment in coming ‘down under’ to support us in getting this great attraction operating – we love it but more importantly our customers love it!"

GM - Cathy Hemsworth - Tekapo Springs NZ

"Yes everything went perfectly fine with the Hippo and it was the biggest hit of our event! I am glad we took the right decision in the end to go direct with Freestyle Slides"

 Hippo Singapore Events Company

"We opened our new water park on July 18 2013.  We had two tube slides and the Trippo.  The Trippo was a big hit for guest of all ages and just as popular as our tube slides.   It offered an added option for our guest and extra income for our campground.   Since we got our water park open so late we are looking forward to a full season this year.  The Trippo is very impressive when up and great fun for everyone. Thanks for all your Help."

VP Wayne Utley - Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort 

"The new Trippo slide has been a great addition to the City’s Beach Services operations.  The delivery and installation went very well with Freestyles representatives on property to ensure we were 100% ready to operate.  The Hippo contributed over $400,000 in revenues to our Beach Services over the last 4 years. Based on the success of the original Hippo, we knew The Trippo would be very well received by our community.   We were not disappointed.   The attendance numbers exceeded prior year as expected.  The popularity of the slide is a result of four years of safe operation as well as local residents and tourist recommending the slide as one of the “must do activities” on the beach.  I must also add that the Trippo has held up very well to the environmental conditions of the beach.  Weather was the only interference we experienced last year. Overall, we are well pleased with the Freestyle Slides products and services and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."

Graham Faris - City of North Myrtle Beach


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